Every porcelain jewelry is handmade with love

When making porcelain jewelry, we pay attention to every small detail which gives each piece a unique look that cannot be replicated. Behind every earring pair and necklace, there's hours and even weeks of work to get to the final result.
It’s the same as with cooking; you have to put in love, good thoughts and patience to get the best results. You have to be surrounded by light and positive energy. That’s why our dream team is made up by the most passionate people and our studio is created to bring us as much creativity as possible.
We organize workshops for everyone who is interested in learning about ceramics and anything about the magic that happens inside our studio. Come and give us a visit!

But for now, let us show you the behind the scenes of porcelain jewelry.
Raw porcelain clay

It all starts form raw porcelain clay. We choose every color and mix it. Even the marble effect is made by hand.

When the porcelain is ready, we form it and cut out the different shapes.
Then the first firing takes place. All pieces are carefully placed in a kiln and then we just wait for it to fire up and cool down.

Next is polishing that is done by hand. When everything is smooth we drill small holes if needed.

After polishing comes the glazing part. Every piece is fully covered in a special glaze made for porcelain and put back in the kiln for more firing. The kiln reaches extremely high temperature - 1260°C. This process gives the fine porcelain pieces a glossy touch and a piece of clay starts looking like a beautiful jewelry piece.
After glazing, we take a close look at every piece individually. Some of them might be damaged, so we pick out only the finest ones for gold painting. The painting process takes the most time and concentration; you can’t lose focus for even a second as there's no going back once the pieces go into the kiln again.
Everything is painted with a thin brush, carefully guided by artist's hand, and covered in 24k gold or platinum luster.
The painting process takes at least a few days. After making sure that every piece is perfect, we put them in the kiln for the very last time.
Opening the kiln after the final firing is magical - it’s like Christmas came early and everything shines in gold and platinum.
Another quality control occurs at this stage, only the best of the best get approved. Finally, our handcrafted artwork becomes a whole, earrings are put together. Even the hooks are handmade in our own unique design from thin 14k gold-plated wire.
The earrings are ready to be sent all over the world.

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With love,

Rozenthal team

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