Arquus collection

Intricate pieces, well thought-out colors and defined, elegant forms are the things that describe Rozenthal jewelry the best, this handmade jewelry brings porcelain to a different dimension. Designer Madara Rozentāle has created collection Arquus that plays with gravity. Madara herself says "Jewelry is like fine architectural elements made from many different porcelain pieces, but combined together they create balance".


Her inspiration for this collection comes from 20th century modernism and abstractionism, especially from Catalan artist, architect and sculptor Xavier Corbero (1935-2017). In his work he uses arched architecture forms and plays with shadow and light.

Xavier Corbero's Labyrinth home. Photo by: Salva López

Rozenthal jewelry is based on Madaras knowledge about ceramic materials and various processing technologies. Arquus color scheme varies from cool to warm tones, highlighting and complementing each other, that way creating a harmonious overall image. Tones are created by experimenting with pigments and oxides applied on porcelain and kept at a high temperature of 1260°C. Each piece is gold-plated with high quality 24k gold, kept at 800° C temperature. Every Rozenthal jewelry artwork is made using 14k gold or silver furniture from US at the brand office in Riga. 


Catalan artist, architect and sculptor Xavier Corbero (1935-2017) is well known for monumental public sculpture and was also the designer of the 1992 Summer Olympics medals. In 1967 he acquired an ancient house and plot of land in Esplugues de Llobregat, a village in the outskirts of Barcelona, and made it in to a labyrinthine cabinet of curiosities concealed by a heavy medieval stone fence. Corbero’s residence has been an exploration that has taken him 40 years of his life.

Xavier Corbero's Labyrinth home. Photo by: Jerome Galland
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Arquus collection