Best Timeless Jewelry Pieces for Every Woman

When we talk about timeless jewelry, we talk about classic colors like black and white that go with everything you have in your wardrobe. Something that you can wear for years and years for different occasions. Rozenthal has used black porcelain jewelry in our collections from the very start.

If you look at our collection, we pay attention to offer a variety of shapes and sizes so everyone can find what they're looking for - drop and round, small and large. Classic black earrings have been a favorite of many and have stayed our bestseller.

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These contemporary yet elegant black stud earrings are perfect for work or a night out. Pair them with a black dress for a smart casual look, or with your favorite white boyfriend shirt for more edgy glam.


Are you looking for something unique that will conquer your heart and jewelry box? Arquus earrings are for those who prefer bold earrings for their daily or occasion wear. Black and gold are classic color choices, which means you can experiment with different shapes or painting styles. Take a look at black drop earrings with gold brush strokes - a unique take on classic gold dip.


If silver is more your style, how about these black dainty studs? These earrings are hand-painted with platinum luster and will become a favorite of those who do not wear gold jewelry daily.


If you already have black porcelain earrings or if you do not wear earrings, you might want to have an elegant and dainty black porcelain necklace instead, hand-painted with 24k gold. It will become one of your most valued treasures and a perfect addition to those who have a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

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Whether it's silver or gold, necklaces or earrings, quality is what matters when you're building your jewelry collection. We use 14k gold-filled materials and 925 sterling silver that are high-quality and made to be worn daily.

Invest in timeless jewelry pieces that will last for many years to come.