Recycling in ceramic workshop

Every ceramic in the manufacturing process develops ceramic waste - broken and unusable pieces. Then there comes the question - what to do with it?


Looking for the best solutions for recycling ceramic waste, attention was drawn to the recycling technique of ancient marble pieces and granite fragments—terrazzo.


Terrazzo technique uses fragments of scrap pieces that are incorporated into fresh porcelain, and are therefore considered to be environmentally and consumer-friendly.


Ceramic designer Madara Rozenthal experimented with a variety of materials as part of her master's work at the Latvian Academy of Art, which resulted in the creation of new composite materials:

  • porcelain + “biscuited” porcelain waste;
  • concrete + high-temperature porcelain pieces.

Several ceramic design objects – Terrazzo vases and matching tabletop – were created from the new composite materials.


As Madara says: “The important thing how to solve a waste problem is to get everyone involved and for everyone to be responsible for their actions.”


In the study of Rozenthal jewelry, we will continue to use the Terrazzo technique, as this technique allows us to recycle porcelain waste and manufacturing scrap. Let us create sustainable jewelry and take care of our planet.

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